Hello there! My name is Cait. I want to put God and His will first in my life, even though I'm absolutely horrible at it. I trust my God to not give up on me, even though I deserve it.

18th May 2012

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The Hipster and The Hymn: How Many People Will Be At Your Funeral? →



I mean it really doesn’t matter right? Numbers don’t matter and it’s about the lives you have touched.

Death has seemingly surrounded me and swallowed me up lately. It seems as though everyone around me is dying and I am spending, or planning to spend, a lot of time in churches mourning someone…


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7th March 2012

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Christians… listen to this.

I should watch this daily.

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6th March 2012

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Notes from the Til-A-Whirl: Breathing Characters.

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4th March 2012

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Did Jesus Die for Your Porn Addiction? →



Did Jesus die for a future you who has enjoyed years of sexual sobriety … or did he die for you at 2:23 a.m. in front of a computer screen clicking on picture after picture?

Seriously one of the best articles I’ve read on the subject.

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29th February 2012

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Sermon on the Moleskine 2.0
Pages 39 & 40


Sermon on the Moleskine 2.0

Pages 39 & 40

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22nd February 2012

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"If there is no god, you have lost nothing and will be remembered fondly by those you left behind. If there is a benevolent god, he will judge you on your merits and not just on whether or not you believed in him."


A common yet deluded, self righteous outlook.

You are saying: If there is a God, he will judge your life, and say that you were so outstanding, so generous, so loving, so selfless; that you deserve to spend forever with Him, in eternal splendour and glory.

No, I’m sorry, you are not that guy.

Only one of those existed and His name was Jesus Christ the Messiah.

He died for you, His despiser.


whilst you live your life, apart from Him, in constant denial of His perfect existence and rule over you. Acting as if He did nothing for you, and you owe nothing to Him.

Whilst you breathe the very air He provides you.

You really think when you are called to His throne, you will be able to stand up boldly, expecting to be called a saint.


Yet He does. If you were to repent from your ways and submit His Godship, He has gone through literal HELL for you.

And that is without even mentioning all the despicable things you KNOW you have done to your fellow brothers and sisters.

God demands perfection, because He IS perfection.

“For I could wish that I myself were (accursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers, my kinsmen according to the flesh.”

This is Paul’s prayer, that I pray I will have the gratitude to pray for you.

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21st February 2012

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My response to a girl going through a tough break-up.


I know exactly what you’re going through. I know we have different situations but I was there. I was once so head over heels for my ex that I was certain we were going to get married, I couldn’t see it any other way. The love I had for him was tunnel vision, I saw straight past reason, logic, reality etc. and just saw my adoration for him. I had a blind loved for that boy and didn’t think it was possible to find anyone even close to him. He, to me, was the epitome of everything I could ever want and need. Well, God saw otherwise and He was so adamant on our breakup that He shipped me thousands of miles away across the Atlantic ocean. I was so completely beside myself. Crying non-stop for weeks. I thought I could never find somebody of his calibre. My heart was completely broken. It was one of two times when I truly felt like I was physically missing a heart due to the pain (the other being when my father denounced my existence in his life).

I know it’s hard. I know it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, that things will never be as good as they were with him. I know how deep the pain is. But there is a much stronger positive then negative in this. Remember; God is in control (I know, it’s so cliche) but it is beyond true.

During the breakup God showed me three things:

  1. Can you submit to me understanding that I am ultimately in control since I know what’s better for you than you yourself do? 
  2. Focus on Christ and all else will fall into place 
  3. I had him when I needed him (When I was in a relationship with him my parents divorced and my father excommunicated me from his life. It was the roughest year of my short life and without my then boyfriend, I probably would have committed suicide. I was far from God, far from family and only had him to help guide me.) Not saying no.3 is always the case, just in mine.]

Go before the Lord in prayer, I’m sure He will show you just a few of the many reasons why it was in his will for you two to break up. Use this as an oportunity to fully and truly commit your everything to Christ. I didn’t get to the point I’m at today with Christ until my ex and I broke up. Where I could truly stop and focus fully on my relationship with Christ. In understanding Him, growing in discernment, wisdom (I have a awwwways to go) etc. Here’s a video in regards to the aftermath of a break up that I made: click here 
That video is basically the rest I would write. I hope this helps and if you have any questions or would just like to vent to somebody, I’m here and I can truly commiserate.

Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:11-13

God bless.

In Christ, Olivia Faith.

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20th February 2012

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Is eternal punishment in Hell Just?


A friend of mine asked to hear my thoughts on the following quote. Here’s the quotation followed by my response:
There is one very serious defect to my mind in Christ’s moral character, and that is that He believed in hell. I do not myself feel that any person who is really profoundly humane can believe in everlasting punishment. Christ certainly as depicted in the Gospels did believe in everlasting punishment, and one does find repeatedly a vindictive fury against those people who would not listen to His preaching — an attitude which is not uncommon with preachers, but which does somewhat detract from superlative excellence. You do not, for instance find that attitude in Socrates. You find him quite bland and urbane toward the people who would not listen to him; and it is, to my mind, far more worthy of a sage to take that line than to take the line of indignation.

—Bertrand Russell, Why I am not a Christian

When we sin, we violate God’s law. This law is on the basis of God’s own nature and character. What we forget is that the degree to which our sins are evil depends not only on the deed itself but also upon WHOM we sin against. Consider this:

If a criminal tortures and slays an animal does this evil require justice? Is there a penalty deserved for such a sin? What if he tortures and slays a man? A woman? An elderly person? A Child? An infant? Does not each of these evils strike you as increasingly wicked? While torture and murder are evil in any context, it is obviously more heinous to torture and murder an infant than a grown man. The justice deserved for our wickedness depends upon who we sin against. The penalty fits the crime and the vile-ness of the crime depends upon whom it is against.

You may slap my face, but what if the face you slapped belonged not to me but to a head of state? Would there not be greater consequence? If wicked things we do against our fellow sinners are deserving of death and judgement, how much more should be required when we sin against an infinitely just and holy God?

God is no sinner. God is infinitely good, perfect, just, excellent, pure, and completely without sin. We forget that our sins are not only against mere sinful men like us(fellow evildoers), all our sins are also against an infinitely good, God. When we sin against God, we sin against infinite goodness Himself.

To sin against God is the ultimate transgression. It is to do something infinitely evil…. and still… this infinitely perfect God whom we have sinned against sent his own infinitely perfect Son(who also came willingly) to die in our place, on our behalf, taking the penalty of our sins upon himself. Jesus gave his life for us, took our punishment, and reckons his own infinite righteousness to anyone who trusts in Him. 

So taking all of that into consideration…..

  1. The infinite heinousness of our sin based on who it is against
  2. The mercy God extends to us in Jesus Christ even though He does not have to(we don’t deserve mercy we deserve his wrath)…

…. and still we reject the mercy that is in Jesus Christ. We live in a culture that makes a joke out of it. We use the name of Jesus Christ as a curse-word… think about it… we take the name of God, we take His sacrifice on our behalf, and we use His name as a curse-word….and we have the gall to falsely accuse God of injustice… If sinning against an infinitely good God and rejecting his infinite love and mercy is not an infinitely evil thing to do… I don’t know what is.

Is not an infinite and everlasting Hell just punishment for acts that are infinitely evil and is not Hell a fitting consequence for rejecting God’s infinite mercy in Christ on top of it all? Surely, it is Just.

Remember this, there will come a day when we all stand before God and in that day no excuses and false accusations of injustice against God will stand. God is not only just, he is also merciful and long suffering. He puts up with nonsense like this quote because he loves us and is giving us time to repent, believe the Gospel, trust in Jesus Christ, and be reconciled to Him. You can trust in Jesus Christ and receive God’s pardon or you can reject Jesus Christ and face God’s justice and remember… it’s a perfect justice where the flimsy false accusations of dead philosophers cannot protect you or defend you against the infinite holiness of Almighty God. Know this, you’ll get away with nothing and neither will I and that’s why I need Jesus Christ and that’s why YOU need Him too. Believe in the Gospel. Trust in Jesus Christ. If any of you reading this want to become a Christian send me a message and we’ll talk.



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17th February 2012

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In which I explain myself a bit better, hopefully.

Seriously watch this. Very wise message.

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17th February 2012

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Sin isn’t just what we do it’s who we are:


I just want to say something. Sin isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. We can say things like “I was born this way”, or “it’s just my nature, as long as i don’t act on it then I’m ok”, but God doesn’t just see what you do, He sees who you are. You were born a sinner. Sin is who you are. (Romans 5, Eph. 2:1-3, Psalm 51:5, Psalm 58:3, Gen. 8:21). That’s why Jesus said you must be born again of the Spirit of God.

Read THIS 

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15th February 2012

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Couldn’t be truer.


“You’re not going to talk to people ABOUT Jesus if you aren’t talking TO Jesus.”

~ Eddie Pate

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9th February 2012

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Morning: Jesus


“Thou shalt call his name Jesus.” Matthew 1:21

When a person is dear, everything connected with him becomes dear for his sake. Thus, so precious is the person of the Lord Jesus in the estimation of all true believers, that everything about Him they consider to be inestimable beyond all price. “All Thy garments smell of myrrh, and aloes, and cassia,” said David, as if the very vestments of the Saviour were so sweetened by His person that he could not but love them. Certain it is, that there is not a spot where that hallowed foot hath trodden—there is not a word which those blessed lips have uttered—nor a thought which His loving Word has revealed—which is not to us precious beyond all price. And this is true of the names of Christ—they are all sweet in the believer’s ear. Whether He be called the Husband of the Church, her Bridegroom, her Friend; whether He be styled the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world—the King, the Prophet, or the Priest—every title of our Master—Shiloh, Emmanuel, Wonderful, the Mighty Counsellor—every name is like the honeycomb dropping with honey, and luscious are the drops that distil from it. But if there be one name sweeter than another in the believer’s ear, it is the name of Jesus. Jesus! it is the name which moves the harps of heaven to melody. Jesus! the life of all our joys. If there be one name more charming, more precious than another, it is this name. It is woven into the very warp and woof of our psalmody. Many of our hymns begin with it, and scarcely any, that are good for anything, end without it. It is the sum total of all delights. It is the music with which the bells of heaven ring; a song in a word; an ocean for comprehension, although a drop for brevity; a matchless oratorio in two syllables; a gathering up of the hallelujahs of eternity in five letters.

“Jesus, I love Thy charming name,

‘Tis music to mine ear.”

—Morning and Evening

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8th February 2012

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"Win the Man, Not the Argument" A point many Bible-thumping Christians need to get


Have you ever been in a “discussion” (read: argument) with someone about your faith? I have, many times. Sadly I wish I could say that I ultimately care more about the person I am talking with and them becoming Christians. The truth is most of the time I care more about winning the argument.

I would ask that you please take the time to read this article:


This is one of the best posts I have read on the subject of talking with others. It’s also a humbling reminder that God gave me my intellect (however little I have) to be able to answer people’s questions so they come to know Christ, not beat them into submission.

Ultimately, it boils down to this:

Winning the man is what God desires us to do, winning the argument is what our pride demands that we do.

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24th January 2012

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Stolen Body Theory: An Alternate to the Resurrection

What is it?

The Stolen Body theory says someone broke into Jesus’ tomb and took the body. There are only three groups who might have a reason to steal the body: the Romans, the Jews, and Jesus’ disciples.

Of all alternative theories, the Stolen Body is the only explanation that dates back to the first century. This makes it more historically important than the other theories since it uses the same evidence from the same time period and tries to esplain the events in the same historical and cultural setting.

One of the interesting things about having another first century explanation is that it backs-up several important points that many of the other theories can’t explain. The most significant of these is that the tomb was empty. The empty tomb might be the hardest minimal fact to explain away. 

Why it fails?

If the Romans or Jews stole the body, it doesn’t give any reasons for why Jesus’ followers said they saw him after he had been raised from the dead. And no matter who stole the body, it fails to show why some of Jesus’ enemies also claim to have seen Jesus after he had been killed and buried.

There are two big problems with the Stolen Body theory. The Romans and the Jews each participated in Jesus’ death to stop his influence if the Romans or Jews stole the body so the Christians couldn’t, then all they had to do was say where the body had been moved to. Showing the body would have destroyed Christianity. If they could have produced the body, they would have.

Second, the behavior of the disciples does not make sense if they had stolen the body. Out of the twelve disciples eleven of them died as martyrs. That means they would have died for a lie they KNEW was a lie since they were the ones who made it up. People certainly die for lies, but not for lies they invented. It also would mean that none of them in the conspiracy confessed to the lie in order to escape the pain of their deaths. And stealing the body does not make sense of their lives. These are men who gave up jobs, comfort, and homes to travel to faraway places to tell people about Jesus. But they did not receive fame or riches. They were rewarded with beatings, persecutions, imprisonments and hardship. There was no incentive to steal Jesus’ body and lie about it. There was nothing to gain and everything to lose. 

-Doug Powell

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24th January 2012

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Wrong Tomb Theory: An Alternate to the Resurrection

What is it?

The Wrong Tomb theory says the reason why Jesus’ followers found the tomb empty is that everyone simply went to the wrong tomb. After all, the tombs do look alike and it would be easy to confuse one with another. Since the tomb they mistook for Jesus’ tomb was not being used, they explained it by claiming he had been resurrected from the dead.

Why does it fail?

The Wrong Tomb Theory doesn’t give any reasons for why Jesus’ followers said they saw him after he had been raised from the dead. And it fails to show why some of Jesus’ enemies also claim to have seen Jesus after he had been killed and buried. 

By trying to explain why Jesus’ followers thought they found the tomb empty, the Wrong Tomb theory ends up creating more problems than it solves. The women who discovered the tomb empty had seen Jesus buried and so they knew which tomb to look for. Not only that, but after telling the disciples what they found, they returned to the wrong tomb again. For a a place that was so important to them, the idea that they went to the wrong tomb is very unlikely. When Peter and John were told by the women that the tomb was empty they ran ahead to see for themselves. This means they knew where to go, and yet when they got there they found the same thing— the tomb was empty. Did they go to the wrong tomb as well? And although many tombs may have looked alike, it would be hard to miss Jesus’ tomb since it would have been the only one with Roman soldiers guarding it (some critics do not believe the tomb was guarded, though scripture teaches this in Matthew 27:65).

This brings up the biggest problem of all: if Jesus’ followers went to the wrong tomb, that means his body was still inside the right tomb. And if the Jewish leaders and/or the Romans wanted to stop Christianity and disprove it, all they had to do was open the right tomb to show that Jesus’ body was still there. But they didn’t because they couldn’t.

-Doug Powell

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